Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions

Please be aware that The Imperfect Parlour does not offer a delivery service, we can however recommend a third party that we do use regularly but accept no responsibility for. We cannot be held responsible for any damages that may occur to your item whilst in transit, upon arrival we will check over your piece and advise of any notable flaws before proceeding further. We would also recommend that you do the same upon receiving your item back and are therefore able to take this up with the driver at the time if necessary.

Upon agreeing a finish for your item, The Imperfect Parlour will endeavour to create this look to the best of our ability. We will however not be held responsible in the event of the customer not being satisfied with the finished product where every effort has been made to create the desired finish. It is not standard procedure to paint the inside of drawers or cupboards due to the paint becoming damaged or scratched which affects the overall quality and longevity of the piece. Where the piece has a false back this is also not painted, however these can be arranged by request at an additional cost.

Every item can behave differently during the refurbishing process and a common problem with many wood pieces when painting can be the 'bleed-through' effect. Bleed through is where an item has previously been cleaned or treated with an oil. When chalk paint is applied the oil bleeds through causing a pinkish hue in areas of the paint. As a result of this often more coats of paints, lacquering and/or waxing are required to combat the issue resulting in more time and materials. In cases where this occurs The Imperfect Parlour will notify the customer after the standard two coats and advise of bleed through issues accordingly and how this will impact the quote that was originally given.

All items that are given to us for refurbishing will be charged for in full, regardless of the outcome